Joining Our Team

If You Believe Producing Games, and / or handling Business Aspects of Game Development is Your Calling in Life, and is Truly What You Desire Out of Love and Passion for this industry; then Please Send Your Resume, and Portfolio to:

  • Programming Positions:

  • Duties:

    Reporting to the Supervising Programmer or Manager, you will be Responsible for implementing tasks to Specifications. Within the Game-Play team, You Will Work on a Wide Range of Areas in an Established Code-Base, including the aspects below.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    - Bring Worlds to Life by Creating Believable Behaviors & Routines for inhabitants.

    - Navigate Across Varying Terrain Types, and Avoiding Obstacles Efficiently.

    - Work on Strategies to Produce Thoughtful and Challenging Combat Systems.

  • Character Mechanics

    - In Conjunction with Animators, You are Expected to Finely Tune and Polish Systems to Produce the Best Combination of immersiveness and responsiveness.

  • Game-play Mechanics

    - Combat & Trading Systems.

    - Create the illusion of Densely Populated Worlds.

  • The Essentials:

    - Solid C / C++ / C# / F# / LUA / JavaScript / SQL programming skills.

    - Experience with Unity3D Game Engine.

    - Proficient Math Skills, Knowledge of Vectors, Matrices & Linear Algebra.

    - Excellent Problem-Solving Capabilities.

    - Clear & Coherent Communication Skills.

    - Passion for Enjoying and Producing Outstanding Gaming Experiences.

    - Prefer Computer science, and/or Mathematics Degree/Equivalent, but not a Must if You Possess and can Demonstrate the Skills Necessary.

  • Desirable Attributes:

    - Experience Developing Phone & PC Apps.

    - Mastery of Unity3D Game Engine.

  • Special Benefits:

    - The Privilege is Available to Earn a Substantial Amount of Stock-Based Compensation to Net a Profound Amount of Income as the Company Thrives Over Time.

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  • 2D/3D Positions:

  • Duties:

    - Have the Skills Necessary to Work Productively with Minimal Supervision.

    - Be Capable of Making Well Thought Out Decisions Regarding Creative Aspects of Assets.

    - Work Closely With the Art Director/Managers to Create High-Quality Assets Which Maintain Uniformity with the Style of the Game-World.

    - Have a Solid Grasp of Modelling and Texturing for Both Hard Surfaced and Organic Assets, as Well as a Keen Eye for Shading and Colouring to Produce Attractive Assets.

  • The Essentials:

    - Proficient Understanding of Maya, Illustrator, and/or Photoshop.

    - Work and/or School experience.

    - Examples of Environmental or Character Work in Portfolio.

    - High-Quality Organic and Hard Surfaced Modelling Skills with a Keen Eye for Suitable Forms and Shapes Given the Circumstances.

    - Brilliant Texturing Skills.

    - Ability to Collaborate Closely with the Engineering and Art Teams to Create High Quality Assets Without Sacrificing Critical Performance for End-Users.

    - Maintain a Consistent Style Under the Direction of the Art Director/Manager.

    - Understand and Maintain Production Pipelines and Workflows.

    - Meet Deadlines with Minimal Supervision.

    - Maintain a Motivated and Positive Attitude while Harnessing a Team Player Spirit.

    - Excellent Communication and Problem-Solving Skills.

    - Candidates with Autodesk Maya and 3DSMax Experience Will be Highly Considered.

    - Unity3D Game Engine Experience is a Huge Plus.

  • Desirable Attributes:

    - A Passion for Gaming with a Deep Understanding of AAA & Indie PC/Phone Games.

    - Modelling and Texturing Assets for a Diverse Visual Range of Environments, and a thorough Understanding of Form, Colour, and Light in 3D Environments. (ie. Zbrush, Mudbox, Maya, etc.)

    - Mastery of Autodesk Products such as Maya and 3DSMax.

  • Special Benefits:

    - The Privilege is Available to Earn a Substantial Amount of Stock-Based Compensation to Net a Profound Amount of Earnings as the Company Thrives and Grows Over Time.

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  • Business & Audio Positions:

  • Below is a list of roles that contribute to business, game development and support. Please submit your resume and/or portfolio, and we’ll help you ensure that you fit in the most appropriate role based off of your skillset. A diverse group of developers and business personnel capable of providing the essential skills are critical to the success of Autonomicity Games.


    Creation and execution of business strategies, and dealing with internal expenditures, payroll and accounting.


    Analytics and tracking solutions for our games and services globally.


    Correspondence with players, press and media, as well as maintenance of internal communications.


    Development of internal, task-focused tools for Customer Service, QA, and other company tasks.


    Physical and information security to keep our brilliant ideas under wraps until they’re ready, and keep our data safe and secure.


    Creation, conception and sales coordination for apparels, comics, toys and other cool stuff.


    Testing games and applications to make sure they’re polished and problem-free.


    Help assist players, clients and soon-to-be players with questions and/or issues related playing our games and/or employing our revolutionary business models.


    Vocal, Music & SFX creation and recording for all of our projects’ needs.


    Development of the commercials and sales strategies that get everyone else as excited about our games as we are.


    Staffing, recruiting, training, and assistance in ensuring that Autonomicity Games is a happy, satisfying & rewarding company to work for.

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  • Internship Program:

    Learn by practicing the role(s) you’d like to fill

  • The Essentials:

    - Passionate desire to develop and improve games.

    - Any related experience to the respective role(s).

    - Proficiency in math, communication and organization skills.

    - Capability to problem-solve effectively.

    - Genuinely care to improve end-user experience through empathy.

    - No minimum education or experience required, but it's a huge plus to have some.

  • Desirable Attributes:

    - Ability to learn and adapt quickly with sufficient commitments to plans.

    - Interest in Unity3D Engine & Visual Scripting.

  • Special Benefits:

    - The Privilege is Available to Earn a Substantial Amount of Stock-Based Compensation to Net a Profound Amount of Earnings as the Company Thrives and Grows Over Time.

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  • Cultural Principles

  • In ACityGames, we operate based on the following cultural principles. We expect all ACityGames partners, employees, interns & contractors to abide by these cultural principles:
  • Integrity: In all the dealings of the company, all employees, interns and contractors will be conducting our business with complete integrity, whether dealing with customers, colleagues, suppliers or competitors. We will be true to our word, saying what we do, and doing what we say.
  • Accountability: In ACityGames, decisions are not, and will not be made by consensus or via committees. The individual responsible for making a decision is expected to make the decision in the most effective and strategic manner after consulting with the different concerned parties on a personal basis.
  • Fast Response: Our competitive advantage as a small company is our fast response to emerging needs. Whenever a need arises and is assigned to an individual, we expect that ACityGames employees, interns and contractors will go the extra mile to deliver the assigned task in a record time, and complete the deliverables in smaller increments to ensure their timely review; aimed to maximize long term success.
  • We are “One Team”: All ACityGames partners are expected to operate as company owners, and accordingly, every partner, employee, intern and contractor is ready to undertake any task that the company needs to maintain autonomous progress. In ACityGames it is unacceptable for any partner, employee, intern or contractor to indicate that they are not willing to undertake any task that the company needs because it is not their responsibility. In simple terms, no task is below or above any ACityGames partner, employee, intern or contractor, as long as it is ethical.
  • Do More with Less: As a young company, cash flow is an essential resource for ACityGames’ survival and growth. In every decision we make, we need to ensure that the value attainable is worth the investment and progresses towards overall goals; while delaying expenditures for only as long as they can be delayed before introducing any significant negative impacts on the company operations. These decisions should always aim to maintain the highest possible level of efficiency throughout the entire company.
  • Pursue Growth and Learning: Everyone in ACityGames is expected to be eager to increase their knowledge primarily via self-learning. Every partner, contractor, intern or employee is expected to do their own research about the topics associated with our endeavors from all reputable sources; including, but not limited to publicly available information. This is in addition to consultation with others, and attending client product training or demonstrations. Notwithstanding the fact that learning is the responsibility of every new member of the company; every existing partner needs to be available to provide all the help needed for the new members of the company to thrive and excel.
  • Initiative and Risk Taking: ACityGames’ culture is based on everyone taking the initiative for improving the company’s operations, reputation and strategic direction; taking reasonable risks that are recoverable. Unlike large corporations; at ACityGames making mistakes is expected, and even desired; as long as the mistakes are never repeated and serve as an educational lesson; taking risks is an important ingredient for long term success and growth.
  • Open Communications: ACityGames has an atmosphere of honest and open communications within the workplace and this remains the responsibility of everyone regardless of their position. Positive relationships are encouraged and should thrive in the workplace; allowing us to share all that is worth communicating; without fear of judgement or verbal disagreements escalating above discussion or debate levels.
  • Passionate Dedication: ACityGames encourages all partners, employees, interns and contractors to work on the tasks they enjoy the most, and contribute to them with love and passion; instead of feeling burdened as if participating in a chore. However, while this is the primary motive we desire for all partners, employees, interns and contractors of ACityGames; it is critical that we persevere through the difficult challenges to regain the opportunities to work on what we truly love and enjoy.
  • These are the cultural principles that make us truly proud at Autonomicity Games Inc., and they are the cultural principles that all company members should follow for the sake of furthering the company’s success and growth.