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Founding Powrushers Official Powrush NFT Collection on SolSea Marketplace 
Play as Aliens, Cyborgs, Druids & Humans in Evolving Worlds; which players can own & customize as their Land NFTs, for aesthetics & utility, to enjoy Beautiful & Profitable Lands! Powrush has been under development since 2016 by Autonomicity Games, to produce the Most Rewarding Gaming Experience! Powrush has endless opportunities for players to invest their time through Play-to-Earn & Play-to-Learn systems. These systems enable players to thrive through collaboration and teamwork, rather than only competing against each other; competition is still important in Powrush though, especially to ensure players maintain freedom of choice. Powrush uses diplomacy as a primary focus, to enable players the capability to take on risks safely, since diplomatic failures in Powrush are far less harmful than the colossal diplomatic failures in our real world; some of which result in all out wars, which could also happen in the World of Powrush! Education is offered through practice in immersive game environments. Players who meet education requirements through in-game achievements for subjects such as business, farming, programming, etc. will have exams unlocked, which if successfully completed, reward players with NFT certificates proving their accreditation in the subject(s); which they can publicly display, and include with their job applications; to showcase their proven experience from Powrush, and thus unlocking the work experience required for many jobs by simply playing from the comfort of their own device.
Earning by playing Powrush will prove difficult for many players, but will also be worthwhile, we've worked with a professional economist to design a maintainable and balanced economy. The play to learn aspect will also be incredibly challenging to achieve, but like the earning, both are possible through Discipline, Focus & Commitment.
Be sure to follow us and grab one of the Powrush NFTs for Early Powrush Access, which is one of the many Official Powrush NFT Ownership Privileges, more of which will continue to roll out as we continue to deploy more of the Powrush Ecosystem!
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